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the future is here and it’s horrible


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cast of spongebob dubs classic movies

I aM SnORtinh UNConrTOLABly wiTH LAUghTrt

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probably my best vine to date

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Mystery Gamefreak Title Confirmed to be Long Awaited POKKÉN TOURNAMENT

The teaser we caught ages ago turned out to be a real thing and not just some fantasy cooked up in a gamer’s head like Mega Man Universe.

The game will be a delicious blend of Tekken style fighting with a cast of your favorite Pokemon. Will they all be fighting types? Who knows. Machamp and Lucario are, but I just don’t see any Pokemon game releasing without series mascot Pikachu.

The game will be coming to Japanese arcades in 2015. No news on if we’ll be getting them in arcades stateside. Outside of movie theatres, the arcade is pretty much dead in the US. If we do see this (and I’m positive we will) in the west, it will likely find home on the Wii U.

Get your fightsticks ready. Check out the reveal trailer here. [❤]

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What Thyme Is It?

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i have so many questions about this

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Favorite Shinies 1/??
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